Tenby's Great Escape's Riddles & Brain Teasers!

If you need a warm up before tackling our three thrilling Escape Rooms, test yourself with our selection of riddles and brain teasers!

You'll find the answers at the bottom of the page....but no cheating!!

Can you spot the pencil among the school buses?? (Credit: Go Simple Tax)

Can you spot all three festive words in the tangled up Christmas lights? (Credit: Solar Centre)



1. It takes one man 30 minutes to dig one hole

2. 42 (2+(10x4)=42)

3. He had 24 gold coins

4. He needs 21 wrappers. He uses them to get 7 sweets. After he eats them, he is left with 7 wrappers, which uses to get 2 more sweets. After he eats these, he is left with 3 wrappers, which are enough to get one more sweet to make 10 in total.

5. Choices

6. Here it is!

7. Here they are -Yuletide, Mistletoe and North Pole!



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